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This is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to create profitable sales funnels that bring in real money, and the best part is, it will sell your product or service offers on autopilot.

This is a digital book that will be sent to your email

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From: Lucie Udeme (@Ask.Lucie), Founder of

To: My Friends and Fellow Online Business Owners


You want to make more sales online, and you’ve heard you can achieve that with sales funnels, but there is too much bad information on how to do it. Much of it is conflicting and confusing – especially if you’re a complete newbie.

I know this because there are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs online who would love to make money online consistently, just like the coaches, course creators and experts they follow on social media, but they are confused by the amount of bad information out there.

This is why I have created just the thing that will solve all of your problems and bring order to the confusion.

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This gift is the key to my business growth, and a literal treasure box of my systems and shortcuts that I have used to sell literally every day online, and on autopilot.


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…for just ₦3,000

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Why Do I Need This?


A sales funnel is simply a series of steps that your potential customer has to take in order to become your customer and a repeat customer.


Every business has a funnel, whether you know it or not; sadly, only knows who know it and control the process they want their process to go through, are the ones selling literally every day and on AUTOPILOT, meaning even when they're sleeping.

I'm sure, you'd like to have an automated sales machine as well...

Building a sales funnel is probably one of the most essential parts of an online business. This can be the difference between making a gazillion and also going broke. With this ebook you will learn everything you need to know about building sales funnels… step by step, starting with A.

This is a digital book that will be sent to your email

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  •  The Pre-Order rate of ₦1,000 will expire soon, and when it does, you'll have to pay ₦5000 later. That probably isn't a lot of money to you..


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  • Amazing BONUSES, which I am offering the first 100 people who pre-order the eBook.

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Yep, and the bonuses include...

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One Month Free Access to my Agency's new Paid WhatsApp Group called SBN Marketing Clinic (worth over ₦10,000 per month).

We're launching the group this week, and we’ll be holding small business marketing clinics twice a week to help small businesses and entrepreneurs like yourself solve marketing problems quickly, and to accelerate their growth. You’ll also get access to incredible resources, training, 1:1 sessions, discounts, and freebies.

Free Access To Funnel Audit Videos of Top Brands (worth over ₦50,000).

As a funnel developer and a funnel agency owner, I regularly funnel hack and dissect some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands to discover what funnel marketing strategies they are deploying to get results.

Why does this matter?

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Well, it matters because it's a waste of time to try to reinvent the wheel when you can learn great marketing, sales, and business lessons from top brands that have invested millions of dollars into research and development (budget we small businesses don’t have).


Through their studies, they have discovered what buyers want, they are able to set trends, create methods that every business (including yours) needs to know and use. Auditing them helps me discover proven formulas and methods that can accelerate my and clients' growth.


A recap of what you'll be getting 

  1. The eBook: Sales Funnel Made Easy As ABC (value ₦10,000)

  2. 1 Month Free Access To SBN Marketing Clinic (value ₦10,000)

  3. Top Brand Funnel Marketing Strategies (value ₦50,000)

Total Value: 70,000


Your Pre-Order Price: 1,000

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