You’ve had a great idea about a digital product or online course for, like, YEARS.


Book A VIP Day 

A 1:1 high-level funnel marketing and paid ads strategy session where you get my undivided focus and attention on YOUR business for a day or a few days (depending on your needs); and together we’ll create your funnel strategy, map out your next move, set up your system and tech to launch, automate your sales, so you can start selling your courses, services or digital products in a day or a few days!

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It's about time you got your automated sales machine up & running...

Hi, I'm Lucie, I'm a Sales Funnel Strategist, Paid Ads Specialist, and the owner of a Funnel Marketing Agency.


My VIP Days are designed for BUSY online entrepreneurs (i.e., Course creators, Coaches, VAs, Consultants, Creatives, etc.) who are ready to EARN MORE online without constantly being busy and ever-present online. 


With my VIP Day offer, you don't have to wait weeks or months to launch your funnel or ads to sell your course or digital product . You can get it done in a day or 3 depending on your needs.


It's time to reclaim your freedom and still double or triple your sales and profits.

Are you ready for the royal VIP treatment?

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The VIP Day Menu

Here are some examples of what we can tackle during your VIP Day:


Create your full-digital marketing strategy and value ladder to turn strangers into raving fans.


Create your lead magnet PLUS a simple lead generation funnel and email automation


Build out your complete self-liquidating offer (SLO) funnel to turn new subscribers into instant buyers.

Set up a full Facebook Ad Sales Funnel x Ad Campaigns to drive traffic to your funnel.



Design a medium-length sales 'landing' page for your upcoming digital product or course launch.

Have a question before booking?

Why A VIP Day?

A VIP Day saves you HOURS of time it would take for you to learn the formulas and system, to get your funnel and ads up and running on your own. It's FAST, it's CONVENIENT, and with a full VIP EXPERIENCE - a special day, fully customised based on your needs.


With the VIP Day, you don't have to wait weeks or months either for your funnel developer to build you a funnel before you can start selling, and you can launch your funnel in a day. 


The best part is, you'll leave with new knowledge and skills to build your future funnels for your digital products and programs. 

How Does It Work?

Book Your VIP Day 

First, you’ll pick your preferred service, and secure your date with me. Next, I’ll send over a little questionnaire for you so I can get to know you and we can identify the focus for our day together.

Discovery Call

 Then, I’ll send an invitation for a 30-minute pre-call so I can get to know you and talk strategy in order design the perfect VIP Day for you.

Follow Up

At the end of your VIP day, I’ll send you the recording of our session, and a walkthrough of everything we worked on so you know how to find and use everything!

Your VIP Day 

Your special day will be divided into 3 or 4 sessions (depending on the package you choose) with regular breaks. The sessions include: Audit, Strategy, Implementation, & Launch.

What Services Can You Book?

We currently offer three VIP Day(s) services, these services are Facebook Ad In A Day, Funnel In A Day, & Funnel Express.

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I'll work with you in just one day to set up your first (or next) Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign to connect your business with the right people on social media

During this VIP day, you'll get 5 total hours of Facebook Ad Strategy + Implementation, and in the end, you'll leave with the knowledge to monitor your ads, manage the ads we've already set up, and how to set up future ads the right way.

What's Included In Your Facebook Ad VIP Day...

Pre-VIP Day

  • Pre-Questionnaire & Discovery Session

  • Facebook Business Manager Account Setup

During Your VIP Day

  • Ads Strategy

  • Ads Sales Funnel Creation

  • 1:1 Ad Manager Training Session 

  • Pixel Creation & Installation

  • Pixel Events Setup

  • Ideal Customers Targeting

  • Custom + Lookalike Audience Creation

  • 3 Ad Campaigns

  • 1 Ad Set per Ad Campaign

  • 3 Ads per Ad Set (different creatives, same audience, or the reverse)

  • Ad Copy (includes Primary Text, Headline, and Description)


  • 1:1 Graphics Design Training with Canva

  • 3 x Ad Creatives (graphics or animated posts)

Post-VIP Day

  • 1 Week follow-up audit

  • 30 Day Support via Voxer

** The following is not included...**

  • Customer Avatar creation 

  • Offer eCovers or Mockups

  • Landing page creation

  • Email marketing


A funnel simply describes and maps out the steps that a potential customer has to take in order to become your customer.


This is a 5 hour High-Level Funnel Marketing Strategy VIP Day where I'll work with you to create and map out your own funnel steps, with strategies for every stage of your funnel to turn total strangers into brand promoters. I'll help you identify which of your existing offer(s) will convert well and at what stage of the funnel, we will brainstorm new offers to add to your product suite, and ways to maximize profit quickly.

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What's Included In Your Funnel VIP Day...

Pre-VIP Day

  • Pre-Questionnaire & Discovery Session

  • Existing Funnel Audit

During Your VIP Day

  • Sales Funnel Strategy & Psychology

  • Create Avatar's Before & After Grid

  • Offer (or idea) Audit

  • Create your Value Ladder

  • Brainstorm or audit your Lead Magnet

  • Create your Tripwire with Product Splintering

  • Create your Irresistible Offer

  • Brainstorm your Upsells or Downsells

  • Create your Launch Plans

  • Choose your Traffic Sources

  • 1:1 Systems & Tech Integrations Training

  • 1:1 Funnel Formula & Best Practices Training

Post-VIP Day

  • 4 Weeks follow-up & post-launch audit

  • 30 Day Support via Voxer


  • 1:1 Sales Page Layout Training (with either one of these: Canva, Groove funnels, Clickfunnels, Wix etc)

  • A Blueprint of your Full-Funnel Strategy

  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel Toolkit (my 100% done for you funnel creation tool)

Done for you sales funnel creation toolkit.png

** The following is not included...**

  • Landing - sales pages creation

  • Copywriting

  • Email marketing

  • Paid advertising

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This is a 3-day "done-for-you" VIP Experience where we'll spend day 1 strategizing i.e., doing everything in the Funnel In A Day package.


On day 2, my team and I will implement the plan we created on day 1, by building you a simple evergreen funnel with email automation.


And on the final day, we will meet again to launch your new funnel together and show you how to monitor and manage your new funnel.

What's Included In Your Funnel Express VIP Days...

Pre-VIP Days

  • Pre-Questionnaire & Discovery Session

  • Facebook Business Manager Account Setup

Day 1 (2.5 hours)

  • We'll do some things in the Funnel In A Day package

Day 2 (5 hours)

  • We'll build a simple funnel consisting of

    • 1 x Lead Opt-In Page​

    • 5 x Email Sequence

    • 1 x Thank you + Tripwire Page

    • 1 x Upsell Page

    • 1 x Confirmation Page

    • Systems & Tech Integrations


Day 3 (30 mins)

  • We'll meet up to review your new funnel

  • Funnel goes live


  • Offers eCovers and Mockups

Post-VIP Days

  • 4 Week follow-up & optimization

  • 30 Day Support via Voxer

  • Recommendation to scale

** The following is not included...**

  • Customer Avatar creation

  • Lead Magnet creation 

  • Long-form copy (this will attract additional charges)

  • Paid Advertising (setup will attract additional charges)

  • Auto-Webinar funnel (this will attract additional charges)


Choose a package below to lock in your rate & secure your date


To secure your VIP Day(S), kindly pay a 50% deposit or pay in full.


5 hours @ $997 USD

Introductory VIP Day Rate: $750 USD

(in naira: ₦150,000)


5 hours @ $1497 USD

Introductory VIP Day Rate: $997 USD

(in naira: ₦250,000)


3 Days @ $5000 USD

Introductory VIP Days Rate: $3,000 USD

(in naira: ₦500,000)


Got More Questions?

How long will this take from start to finish?

The duration of my VIP Days depend on the VIP Day package you select. The Facebook Ad VIP Day last upto 5 hours, Funnel In A Day last upto 5 hours as well, and Funnel Express last upto 8 hours, spread into 3 days, but we'll be working together for 3 hours only, and the other 5 hours will be done by my team and 1. That said, it typically takes clients 2-6 weeks to gather and submit all required assets which are needed before we can schedule you on our calendar.

What do I need before I schedule my actual VIP Day?

In order to get your actual VIP Day on our calendar, you must submit the Pre-Questionnaire as well as all requirements and assets (ie. photos, videos, copy, descriptions, etc...). Due to the nature of our services, we'll need all the parts and pieces to complete the job. Therefore, we don't begin VIP Days until all assets are in. Once we receive everything, you'll book your 30-minute Pre-VIP Day Session to answer any last questions, etc. At that time, you'll be given a link to pick your preferred date.

How available do I need to be on my VIP Day?

For the 1 day sessions, you'll need to be with me to get the work done, although I'll be doing most of the heavy lifting. For the 3 days session, we do require your attention especially on the 2nd day when we're working independently, and we'd need to be able to reach out to you throughout the day via text, phone, email and/or Zoom. As your quick feedback will prevent unnecessary delays or wasted time, and will enable us launch on day 3. We recommend clearing your calendar during your VIP Day(s) so you can be available as needed.

Can I book all 3 VIP Days?

You can book either the Facebook VIP Day + Funnel In A Day VIP Day, or the Facebook VIP Day + The Funnel Express VIP Day. We encourage it whenever possible, because you need to have both Paid Ads and Funnels in place to get your results quickly. Please let us know, if you'd like to book 2 VIP Days Package (at the same time), so we can send you a special link to get your special BONUS.

I'm not sure if a VIP Day is right for me. How do I decide?

I'll be glad to get on a 15 minute Free Discovery Call to discuss your needs, share more about how I can help you, and explain the process a little more.

Can I cancel or reschedule my VIP Day?

Since we offer a limited number of VIP Days each month, no refunds will be given if you decide to cancel your day. That said, we understand life and business emergencies happen. If you absolutely must cancel, you'll have 30 days to reschedule. Please note, we will not schedule your VIP Day until all needed assets are received.

Are payment plans available? What about refunds?

Yes we offer payment plans. To book your VIP Day, you can pay in full or pay a 50% deposit to secure your date. The remaining balance is due before your VIP Day commences. Please note, your VIP Day until balance is paid. Our Pre-VIP work begins immediately your payment has been confirmed, which means you'll have access to our onboarding package, so due to the nature of this work, deposits and full payments are non-refundable.

Can you create a bespoke VIP Day package just for me?

Yes, we sure can. Because this is a highly personalized offer, we don’t offer a cookie-cutter set of deliverables. If you'd like a special quote for your special needs, please send your request to connect@smartbiznations.com, and use the subject line: Special VIP Day Package Request. In the body of your email, please share a bit about your goals, your current challenges, pain points, requirements, project, business etc.

Got more questions I haven't answered? No problem. Let's hop on a discovery call asap.

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